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  • EBPOM Highlight | The Wesfit trial 20 October 2020
    Patients with physiological and psychological resilliance have a clear advantage in surgery. The Wessex Fit-4-Cancer Surgery Trial (WesFit) is attempting to determine the effects of multi-modal physical and psychological prehabilitation. This piece gives you the detail and ends with a short informative question and answer session. Presented by Samantha Leggett, Study Director, University Hospitals Southampton […]
  • POCAPALOOZA | London: The International Board of Perioperative Medicine and the Centre for Perioperative Care 19 October 2020
    "At the moment perioperative care in the UK doesn't really have the profile that I think it needs; now I suspect that COVID-19 has raised it up the agenda" If you enjoyed Monty's explanation regarding the UK's perioperative journey you may find this link interesting: Evidence submitted by the Improving Surgical Outcomes Group (ISOG) (NICE […]
  • POCAPALOOZA | Sydney: Education, education, education. 18 October 2020
    "It also must start and end in primary care" This piece is a fascinating in-depth conversation moving through various medical perspectives on perioperative medicine from Australia and New Zealand. A real highlight of the festival. How has perioperative medicine evolved over the years around the world? What's the status of Perioperative Care as a specialty? […]
  • TopMedTalk | The Balanced Anesthesia Study 17 October 2020
    This piece focuses on The Balanced Anesthesia Study, 'A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial of Two Levels of Anesthetic Depth on Patient Outcome After Major Surgery'. How can delerium be measured and standardised in a multi-centre trial? More on the study here: More on the Confusion Assesment Method here: The Hospital Elder Life Program […]
  • SCA | The Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists 16 October 2020
    After a short overview of the history of the Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists (SCA) this conversation zones in on some of the hot topics that are being discussed in the field; devices and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) machines, as well as trans-esophageal echocardiography and how the practice has evolved. The conversation ends with a discussion […]