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  • COVID 19 | Angela Bader, The need for 'end of life' conversations 23 January 2021
    "The peak keeps getting pushed..." What's the difference between a strategy of rationing as compared with one where the aim is concordence? As the crisis rumbles on, how do we decide who should have surgery, as well as the pressing question of how and where? The principles of perioperative medicine kick in here, pre-optimisation and […]
  • EBPOM Highlight | Enhanced Recovery After surgery - plus! 22 January 2021
    This piece gives you clear practical suggestions which you might want to include in your practice and institution. How do we improve the physiological reserve of patients? Is there a way to do enhanced recovery with an extra edge? Specifically, how do we reduce pulmonary complications? What is 'surgery school'? How does 'icough' fit into […]
  • AANA | Tackling the pain of the opioid crisis 21 January 2021
    The opioid crisis "a unique American problem". This piece uncovers the origin of some of the misinformation about opioids, the consequences of calling pain a "fifth vital sign" and the absurd practice of waking patients up in the middle of the night to ask them if they are in any pain. As these factors combined […]
  • EBPOM London 2020 | Perioperative care: A new paradigm for the next decade 20 January 2021
    "Patients undergo surgery for important reasons, we need to improve surgical outcomes to the point where anyone can have surgery - and I believe that is do-able; we need to implement what we know, we need to avoid missed opportunities and we need to conduct more research. We should learn from the history of anesthesiology […]
  • Dingle 2020 | Talks to ... Bob Thiele 19 January 2021
    This piece is a chance to hear more about the work of our guest, who made a big impact as a guest on a recent edition of TopMedTalk: The Perioperative Quality Initiative (POQI) is here: This piece covers cerebral oximetry with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), often used during the perioperative period of cardiovascular operations. […]