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  • TopMedTalk | Education, perioperative medicine, anaesthesia and you. 2 August 2020
    Discussion begins with thoughts about University College London (UCL)'s Masters Course in Perioperative Medicine, moving further to the various ways in which people can learn more about the specialty The wider conversation reaches out into the field of anaesthesia and the constant shortage of practitioners that there is in the UK and more widely around […]
  • Periop SIG | Part 2, Delirium: The brain and the older surgical patient 1 August 2020
    "Delirium: The brain and the older surgical patient Part 2" was a talk originally given at the 8th Australian and New Zealand Symposium of Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group: “Updates in Perioperative Medicine 360” which took place between November 7th-9th 2019. This piece is a look at some of the new technology which is becoming […]
  • TopMedTalks to ... | Houman Javedan 31 July 2020
    The Silver Tsunami is coming, are you prepared to assess the elderly patient? Mature patients present unique and interesting opportunities to perioperative practitioners. New ways of thinking and different approaches are always necessary. The British Geriatric Society's "Fit For Frailty" is here: Presented by Desiree Chappell and Monty Mythen with their guest Houman Javedan, […]
  • ASA 2019 | 'We advocate good public health, within the crucible of surgery' 30 July 2020
    Originally broadcast live from Anesthesiology 2019, this piece focuses on the mission to advocate and apply prehabilitation, pre-optimisation and enhanced recovery. Defined here as "good public health [...] with the crucible of surgery". How do we do that in a way that both patients and front line providers understand the value of it? Can this […]
  • EBPOM Highlight | Exercise capacity and sarcopenia 29 July 2020
    "Exercise capacity and sarcopenia" - was originally streamed live from the Charles Sammons Cancer Center, Dallas, during EBPOM-USA 2019 on Hear this excellent talk, for free, on this podcast. If you'd like to attend an event like this ensure your next click is here: If you have any comments or questions you'd like […]