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  • EBPOM Chicago | Patient Safety: How do you make the Changes that Change Culture? 20 April 2021
    Patient safety, as a priority, is assumed to be at the heart of medical practice. Yet still, preventable harm and death occurs in our profession, how do we change this and how do we make the changes we implement last? Can safety and avoidable harm be somehow hardwired into the culture of what we do […]
  • Roundtable discussion: Delivering value | EBPOM 2021 Las Vegas 19 April 2021
    This roundtable discussion tackles questions from the online audience and is the third part of a longer discussion. It follows on from "The value proposition in perioperative medicine | EBPOM 2021 Las Vegas", if you'd like to hear that go here: How do we as practitioners deliver value? How does 'population health' fit into […]
  • The value proposition in perioperative medicine | EBPOM 2021 Las Vegas 18 April 2021
    "Look at it from where is the patient, and what's best for the patient; I think that the other answers follow and yes, it is higher quality, yes, there can be some opportunities for cost savings; even if it 'breaks even' if the patients are happier, isn't that worth moving into the concept and proving […]
  • The size and scope of the problem with Jim Grant & Mike Englesbe | EBPOM 2021 Las Vegas 17 April 2021
    "When I heard Sol Aronson, speak about perioperative medicine as 'population health', for me, it was like a eureka moment because our platform within Michigan is really an unmatched place to kind of realize that vision." This piece asks the question; "why do we need perioperative medicine"? The answer is illustrated with a real success […]
  • Am I safe? Q&A with Lee Fleisher | EBPOM 2020 16 April 2021
    This question and answer session was a highlight of EBPOM London 2020, it works as a standalone piece or as a companion piece to this talk here: The discussion follows themes outlined in the presentation as our online audience asked a series of questions. Some of the questions included in the discussion are "How […]