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  • Beat burnout with patient centered, provider focused, care | TopMedTalk 29 May 2023
    Time to focus on “burnout”; this piece looks back at the coverage TopMedTalk did during the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA). We’re proud to be associated with the ASA, for more on them go here: In this piece you will hear Desiree Chappell, Monty Mythen and Sol Aronson with their guests Amy Vinson, Pediatrician […]
  • Talks to... Lee Fleisher | TopMedTalk 22 May 2023
    What is the wider view when it comes to perioperative medicine and anesthesiology? How and why should we become leaders, what opportunities for change are there? Presented by Desiree Chappell, Monty Mythen and Sol Aronson, in conversation with; Lee Fleisher, Professor Emeritus of Anesthesiology and Critical Care, University of Pennsylvania. ORIGINAL UNEDITED CONVERSATION HERE:
  • Anesthesiology and the bigger picture | TopMedTalk 15 May 2023
    This week we revisit one of the most popular moments from our coverage of Anesthesiology 2022; a conversation about the big picture theme of TopMedTalk, Perioperative Medicine. This piece begins with Desiree Chappell, Monty Mythen and Sol Aronson introducing their guests; BobbieJean Sweitzer, Systems Director of Perioperative Practices at Inova Health, Falls Church, Virginia and […]
  • Talks to trainee representative Cameron Dunn | TopMedTalk 9 May 2023
    This piece focuses upon trainee led research as Monty Mythen and Desiree Chappell speak with this year's trainee representative Cameron Dunn, Consultant Anaesthetist at Prince of Wales Hospital and Community Health Services, Sydney. This year TopMedTalk is proud to be providing exclusive coverage of the annual ANZCA conference, the professional body responsible for the specialties […]
  • The International Prehabilitation and Perioperative Exercise Testing Society - IPOETTS | EBPOM World Conference 8 May 2023
    This podcast is part of the historic meeting which officially announed the merging of the Perioperative Exercise Testing and Training Society (POETTS) and International Prehabilitation Society (IPS) to promote the professional practice of prehabilitatation and exercise testing. Hear how and why the society is moving forward with an international focus and an unmatched passion for […]